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Junior Competition

Getting started

In order to play junior competition you must read thePremiership_Photo
relevant document below.

If you are interested in playing Saturday Morning
Competition, please click on the MDJTA guidebook below.


If you are interested in Sunday Morning Competition,
please click on the BRTA guidebook below.


Junior Teams

The Highett Tennis Club is represented by six junior teams.

Four teams play on Saturday mornings and two teams play on Sunday mornings.

Saturday Morning (MDJTA)

The Saturday Teams appearing in singles order are:

Girls 1: Chloe, Eden, Angelica & Alessia.

Girls 4: Lucie, Millie, Juliette, Sophie & Edie.

Boys 5: Ben, Parker, Oscar, Tom & Lucas.

Boys 7: Tex, Louie, Guy & Robbie.

Sunday Morning (BRTA)

The Sunday Teams appearing in singles order are:

Section 2: Ethan, Chloe, Maksi & Harry

Section 16: Josie, Alex, Sophie & Juliette.

Competition Scoresheets

The following scoresheet is used by the MDJTA on Saturday mornings.


The following scoresheet is used by the BRTA on Sunday mornings.


Rules & Regulations

The following document relates to the rules and regulations for Saturday Morning Competition.


The following document relates to the rules and regulations for Sunday Morning Competition.


Playing Tie-breakers

If you are new to playing, supervising or watching competition and are unfamiliar with when and how tie-breakers are played please click on one of the links below:



Matchday Supervisors

All parents that have children participating in Junior Competition must act as a Matchday Supervisor in atleast one home match per season.

Please click on the link below to find your matchday responsibilities as Supervisor at Highett Tennis Club.


The date(s) you have been assigned to supervise can be found in the team roster.

Wet Weather Policy

In some instances, matchdays can be affected by rain. If this is the case, then players and parents should refer to the club’s wet weather policy for junior competition. This is especially important for supervisors that may have to make decisions regarding washouts on matchdays.

Please click on the link below to find Highett’s Wet Weather Policy for Junior Competition.


Parents and Spectators

For parents and spectators new to watching their child play competition tennis, there is a set of behaviours that must be adhered to when matches are played.

Please read the document below for more information.


Remember, the players are the referees in tennis and even though some are young and inexperienced they must try and resolve any disputes themselves.

Parents and spectators are strictly prohibited from umpiring and coaching players during matches.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information relating to junior competition please consult our frequently asked questions document.

FAQs_Junior Competition

Club History

The club has won 27 Junior Premierships and has 80 Junior Premiership Players.

To register your interest in playing junior competition please contact us