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Handy Hints for New Students

Tennis AttireFreya Volley

If possible students should wear appropriate tennis attire to their lesson.

This includes the following:

Tennis Shoes or Runners
A tennis cap on hot days.
Shorts or tracksuit pants with pockets
for male players.
Leggings, tracksuit pants with pockets,
tennis dresses or shorts with pockets
for female players.

Please note:
A school uniform is fine providing the student is wearing runners or tennis shoes.

Tennis Racquets

Tennis racquets are made in different sizes.

In general terms we recommend:

Players aged 5 – 6 should use a 21 inch racquet
Players aged 7 – 9 should use a 23 inch racquet
Players aged 10 -12 should use a 25 inch racquet
Players aged 13 or above should use a full size or 27 inch racquet.

Once on the court – The First Lesson

New students can expect the following in their first lesson:

1. An introduction to the coach and the other students in the class.

2. To be asked ten basic questions about tennis.
These questions will range from……What sport are we playing? …… to…… What do we call this part of the racquet?

3. Students will be required to learn “the ready position” (see picture below).

4. There will be a focus on the techniques required to hit forehand volleys and groundstrokes.

5. Students will be shown how to use the equipment provided (including pick up sticks and buckets) in order to collect tennis balls once the coaches basket is empty.

6. Students will be required to understand basic court rules associated with participating in group coaching sessions, for example, swinging racquets around other students is considered dangerous.

7. Students should understand that we want to be their coach for the rest of their lives.

Things to consider

A water bottle is optional but recommended on days exceeding 25 degrees.
Sunscreen is available at the club and should be used on sunny days.
We highly recommend that students place their name on their tennis racquet, racquet bags, racquet covers and water bottles.

Health Considerations

Asthma sufferers should bring their inhalers to the lesson.
Parents should alert the coach about any allergies or dietary requirements that affect students.
Please let your coach know if you are suffering from any pre-existing or current injuries before the lesson.


Ready Position




“The Ready Position “