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Boys & Girls Group Coaching

General Information

Boys and Girls Group Coaching takes place each afternoon at St Patrick’s Tennis Club in Murrumbeena. We also take classes on Saturday mornings.

The address is 5 Dalny Road, Murrumbeena.

Coaching is also held at Highett Tennis Club on weekday afternoons.

The address is 19 Tibrockney Street, Highett.

B&GGC - pg2Students receive 9 lessons each tennis term.

All students play for small prizes in the final week of each term.

Classes Available

There are three levels of classes available:

Beginner Level
Ages: 6 – 8
Lesson Time: 30 minutes.
Class Size: 1- 4 students per coach.

Program Aim: To introduce beginners to the six basic strokes of tennis. Each player will be given three (3) simple steps to use for each tennis stroke. Students should be able to identify all lines of the tennis court, know how to swing the racquet for each stroke and be starting to rally when they complete this stage of coaching.

Tennis Ball: Low compression
Equipment: Students should use 21-23 Inch Length Racquets

Price: $148.50 (inc GST) for 9 x 30 minute group lessons

Junior Level
Ages: 9 – 12
Lesson Time: 40 minutes
Class Size: 1- 4 students per coach.

Program Aim: To continue working on each player’s stroke technique. All player’s should be able to start a rally and know how to score when they complete this stage of coaching.

Tennis Ball: Normal
Equipment: Students should use 25 Inch Length Racquets

Price: $163.35 (inc GST) for 9 x 40 minute group lessons

Advanced Junior Level
Ages: 13 – 17
Lesson Time: 60 minutes.
Class Size: 1- 5 students per coach.

Program Aim: To have players develop their match-play skills. This program wants to build each players confidence in his or her ability to play matches. Subtle changes to technique will be made if required and students completing this stage of coaching should be competent tennis players for life!

Tennis Ball: Normal

Equipment: Students should use 27 Inch Length Racquets.

Price: $198 (inc GST) for 9 x 60 minute group lessons.

Lesson Cancellations

Coaches may have to cancel lessons due to rain, flooded courts or when the temperature reaches 34 degrees.

Parents or students will receive a text message when this occurs.
If a text message has not been received then the lesson will be going ahead or a decision has not been made.

Lessons that are cancelled can be made up on another day during the remaining weeks of term or in one of the two weeks dedicated to make up lessons during the year.


Coaches will automatically re-enrol students into the following terms lesson on the same day, at the same venue and at the same time unless instructed otherwise by the student or parent.
Any change of day or time for the following term will be communicated to the student or parent by his / her coach via SMS atleast 5 days prior to the commencement of the new tennis term.
If a student wishes to leave the coaching program then the student or parent must notify his /her coach prior to the commencement of the next tennis term.

Term Fees

Parents of students in the Boys & Girls Group Coaching Program will be emailed an invoice in the second week of each tennis term.

Payment needs to be made by the due date specified on the invoice.

Our payment options can be found on this website.

How to enrol:

Step One: Find our nearest coaching venue

Step Two: Find an available coaching day and time by clicking on one of the links below:

For St Patrick’s Tennis Club click below:


For Highett Tennis Club click below:


Step Three: Complete one of our Student Enrolment Forms below:

St Pats – Student Enrolment Form

Highett – Student Enrolment Form

Step Four: We will contact you.

Boys & Girls Group Coaching

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